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UEHX_3H34_J3M2V_Pressebild_1 UEHX_3H34_J3M2V_Pressebild_1

Customer specific Winding Good - all from one Hand

Competent consulting, development, manufacturing and also a wide range of standard solutions.

UEFX_Pressebild_1 UEFX_Pressebild_1

Transformers and Chokes

Customized winding goods are designed and manufactured according specific requirements for power supplies, drives, converters and for filters.

PSE_22_HI_custom_Pressebild_1_Relief_Symbol PSE_22_HI_custom_Pressebild_1_Relief_Symbol

Customized Description of Switches

The marking of switches is very specific depending on the application. Brail, engraving, laser marking and color or specific materials can be selected.

MGA_S_Pressebild_2_Satellit MGA_S_Pressebild_2_Satellit

Customer Specific Solutions for Protection of Devices

SCHURTER develops protection solution in close cooperation with customers according individual specifications.

EC11_wire_harness_SGE_GST_PG05_Pressebild_1 EC11_wire_harness_SGE_GST_PG05_Pressebild_1

Individual Designs for Connectrors or Specific Cabling

SCHURTER offers individual solutions for connectors and offers dedicated wire harnessing upon request.

Customer Specific Solutions

SCHURTER manufactures in addition to standard products on demand customized designs.

  • UEFX_Pressebild_1

    Customer Specific EMC Solutions

    SCHURTER offers customer specific EMC solutions, like filters, chokes and other winding goods. As they are customer specific, there will be a lot of service aspects like, development, puchase, live cycle management, etc. covered as as well.

  • Touchscreen_Pressebild_5

    Input Systems

    Input Systems are manufactured customer individually in general. The range starts with simple membrane keyboards and reaches up to manufacturing complete systems.

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