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FPG_7_Fingergrip_Slot_3101_007x_xx_SEC_GS_PG02_Sicherungshalter_Fuseholder FPG_7_Fingergrip_Slot_3101_007x_xx_SEC_GS_PG02_Sicherungshalter_Fuseholder

SMD Fuseholder FPG7

FPG7 is the only shocksafe SMD fuse holders for 5x20 mm fuse-links

V_Lock_Pressebild_1_weiss_C13_Dose_5707_Medical V_Lock_Pressebild_1_weiss_C13_Dose_5707_Medical

5707: with IP 54 protected V-Lock cord set

DKIH_3352_102J_Copper_3_Phase_Choke_Pressebild_1 DKIH_3352_102J_Copper_3_Phase_Choke_Pressebild_1

Common mode chokes DKIH

For high current types for PCB mounting

Our skills

Factory technology

SCHURTER offers comprehensive solution packages - from the initial concept down to the delivery of the systems ready for mounting. More than 50 engineers are dedicated to developing our products and manufacturing systems. Our expertise encompasses injection molding, metalworking, electroplating, assembly using automated manufacturing systems, clean-room touch panel assembly, casing systems manufacturing and PCB assembly as well as EMC product development and manufacturing.

SCHURTER develops, manufactures and markets input systems, touch screens and touch panels, capacitive sensor keypads, membrane keypads and housing systems in close cooperation with the customers. A large variety of designs gives scope for a wide range of applications.

For safe power supply and ease of use

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