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Microsites are specifically designed overview pages on various subjects and new product introductions, which include the most important information.

  • Data_Center_400VDC


    The supply of a data center using direct current has enormous potential for savings.

  • CPS Web 900x600 jpg


    CPS MetalLine switches with capacitive technology for high-end applications.

  • FUS Web 900X600 jpg


    Snap-In fingergrip fuseholder for fuse-links 5 x 20 and 6.3 x 32 mm

  • UMF_250_SGE_GS_PG01_Pressebild_1

    UMF 250

    The compact, quick-acting SMD fuse ranging from 500 mA to 10 A

  • UMK_250_3404_24xx_xx_SGE_GS_PG_01_Pressebild_1

    UMK 250

    Ultra small space-saving fuse and fuseholder combination

  • UMT-H_0.18_10A_Pressebild_1


    Compact high performance fuse - optimal for intrinsically safe applications

  • 0571.500_0571.501_0571.505_0571.506_SGE_GS_PG002_CSO_10.3x38_clip_10.3x85


    Heavy duty fuse clip designed for voltages up to 1500 VAC / VDC and currents to 32 A

  • Chip_Fuses_Infoblock_3_1

    Chip Fuses

    High-quality chip fuses specially for low-loss and precise overcurrent protection in secondary circuitry

  • ESO_10.3x38_Pressebild_1

    ESO 10.3x38

    Fuse inserter, extractor and cover in one - multi-functional fuse cover for use on printed circuit boards

  • Schilder

    Only in German available - Industrieschilder, Typenschilder, Warnschilder, Hinweisschilder, individuell gestaltete Namensschilder usw

  • 6610_Pressebild

    Appliance Outlet 6610

    IEC outlet with IDC terminals - speeds assembly for power distribution units

  • Meierhofer_Interkom_Frontplatte_lackiert_bedruckt


    Only in German available - Für kleine Auflagen von Frontplatten, Schildern oder Gehäusesysteme - direkt auf Aluminium aufzubringen durch Eloxalschicht widerstandsfähig

  • Multibox_c_offen_2


    Only in German and French available - Vorteil beim Hausanschluss - überzeugend in Design, Ökologie und Innovation

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